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Meet Anita

I believe that having a hand in helping individuals and families arrive at their particular "right" place and space is such an important and meaningful pursuit. That's why I see my work in real estate as more "transformational" than just simply "transactional".

I take what might be called a "design" approach. That means taking the many financial details and personal parameters involved in every transaction, "connecting all the dots" in order to complete my clients purchase and sale. I provide a road map and counsel which gives clarity and the confidence to move forward. I choose clients I enjoy working with and set myself apart in this industry. Personal interest and representing clients in the best way has resulted in superior results for them and 19 years of high level success in the competitive Seattle real estate market for me.

Buyers and sellers rarely meet. I am your representative when you purchase a home from a seller and who represents you and your home when you sell. I pride myself on being professional, ethical, knowledgeable, a straight shooter, a tough negotiator without being adversarial and take a sincere interest in people and relationships.

Anita grew up on Mercer Island, attended the University of Washington, has lived and owned property in Portage Bay, Fremont, Ravenna, Ballard, Green Lake, Whidbey Island and now Sandpoint. She and her husband have raised two daughters in Seattle and she has gleaned an extensive ("encyclopedic") knowledge of the cities unique neighborhoods, "hot spots", schools and amenities.

You can trust your biggest financial decision to me!

I am Passionate about Whidbey Island!

I vacationed there when I was a small girl with friends and have been able to provide those same memories for my family. Shell gathering, beach fires, smores, eagle gazing, bike riding, farmers markets  and shopping and eating at all the local eateries, thrift stores and shops. The rural atmosphere and accessibility from Seattle make it very unique. Locals speak of a calm that comes over them as they board the ferry! Your shoulders just start to come down from being carried around your ears and you feel your soul relaxing. The island is home to a many writers and a growing local foodie movement just to name a few island passions.

My family has purchased a second home there. I have rented or stayed in many different parts of the island over the years which all have advantages and different flavors to them. I know the island very well. If you would like information on the island or would like to talk "Whidbey" give me a holler!

One of the best beaches on the island!
One of the best beaches on the island!

I LOVE Modern Contemporary Homes

This is the architectural style that is growing the fastest in the Pacific Northwest!

When I walk into a modern home the palette makes me  feel calm, uncluttered, artful, zen and hip. What a great space to live and create  life inside of.

There is a certain way to market these homes. The clients that have used me to market and sell their modern gems have chosen me because of my ability to understand these homes. I know what it takes to classify a home as "Built Green" and can extoll the eco friendly features that the majority of these possess and that the public demands. I enjoy walking through a modern home with buyers to help them see how and why features work with the landscape, the views and/or the floor plan. I have stagers that can stage a home with modern, organic, minimalist furnishings and my photographer has that artistic eye to best showcase these beauties!

Enjoy browsing through some of the MODERN homes that I have sold!

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I was a contributing editor to the best selling book "SOLD". Read my chapter below.

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