Fun Facts Geometric is Back in a Big Way! Geometric is Back in a Big Way! When it comes to interior design, geometric patterns are all the rage! They are popping up on television shows to the pages of popular magazines. When done correctly this trend can give your space an incredibly modern and polished look. There are a few components when choosing a pattern […]
Fun Facts Crazy stats about Bill Gates’ Medina Mansion Fun Facts! Crazy stats about Bill Gates' Medina Mansion – The mansion took 7 years to build and cost $63M. – The swimming pool runs 60' long and includes an underwater music system. – The home includes a 2500 sq ft gym. – When a guest arrives they are given a pin that interacts with […]
Sellers 5 Upgrades that “FATTEN” Your Sales Price! To get the best "bang for your buck" put your money into these upgrades before putting your house on the market! 1. Start with the visual. An old roof that needs replacing or a home in need of exterior paint is visible when one walks up to the front door. First impressions give the buyer […]
Uncategorized What it takes to buy an average home in Seattle!   Want to own an average home in Seattle? ….better make $73k a year! Mortgage website determined how much a person would have to earn to be able to afford the principal and interest on a median-priced home in various cities around the U.S. Here in Seattle, that number is $73,851.06, the 7th-highest city on the list. Another […]
Uncategorized Sell or Rent Your Home Now!!! Low inventory in residential sales and residential rentals is making it a sellers market…..big time! Recently there were 30 offers on a home on Queen Anne and 20 offers on a home in Wedgwood. These are not low priced homes either! We are even finding agents asking owners with larger homes (3500+square feet) if they […]
Uncategorized 2014 Predictions! 2014 PREDICTIONS   -Interest rates will rise. Some predict 5.375% by the end of the year and others are saying it could be closer to 6%. As the ecomony improves the FED will have no problem increasing them. –Home prices will continue to recover. We are up 15-20% over the peak of the market in some inner […]
Uncategorized The Resale Value of the “Man Cave!” Man caves are becoming more and more on my male buyers wish list! Couples that are wage earners are feeling a need for not only family time, but also their own personal time and space. For that reason, having a dedicated place for the buyer to pursue personal interestes like video games or sports may […]
Uncategorized Buying beats renting in Seattle if you stay 3.6 years, says Zillow!  Buying a home is a better financial decision than renting for Seattle area homebuyers intending to stay in their home for at least three years and 6 months, according to a first quarter analysis from online real estate marketplace Zillow. Zillow's breakeven horizon incorporates all possible costs associated with buying and renting, including upfront payments, […]
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Uncategorized Will the Bubble Burst or Slowly Deflate?? Most experts agree that at the moment we are in a housing bubble. To give you some King County stats….in April of 2008 we had 16,400 listings,  2400 sales, making it a 15% absorption rate. In March of 2013 we had 3860 listings, 3740 sales, with a 97% absorption rate. The question on every buyer […]
Uncategorized Your Neighbors Affect your Home’s Value!   Whether it's the perpetual yard sale, two feet tall grass, Christmas lights still hanging in July, dead trees, backyard roosters or cars parked everywhere – the condition of neighboring houses can make life awful and affect property values by 5 to 10%.  Studies by economists measuring the impact on a home's value after a […]
Uncategorized Seattle | The numbers tell it all!
Uncategorized Local Real Estate Trends for 2013 -More Buyers than Sellers. Inventory of available homes will remain low this year creating a sellers market! -Generations X and Y become strong homeowners. Young adults (ages 18-35) continue to see homeownership as value. 43% already own a home. 72% want to own a home. 93% currently renting plan to buy. -Move up Sellers will […]
Uncategorized Finally… is back to a sellers market! With home prices in the city back to 2007 levels, inventory 43% lower than last year and interest rates at record lows we are back to a sellers market! The buyers are scrambling to get into this market! A home in city that is priced right and taken care of is getting multiple offers and […]
Uncategorized The Ripple Effect of De-Cluttering!   The one thing I know for sure…how you live on a day to day basis in a home looks very different than when you go to sell it! When a home is market ready all the bills, toys, books, papers and clutter are put out of sight and in their proper place. Having worked […]
Uncategorized Why you should care about your homes walk score!   Walkability translates into increased home values. You will continue to see a walk score as a marketing tool in selling homes. Homes located in a more walkable neighborhood, where everyday needs, can be met by walking, public transportation or biking, command a price premium over otherwise similar homes in less walkable areas.   People […]