Fun FactsTips July 17, 2015

Geometric is Back in a Big Way!

Geometric is Back in a Big Way!

Anita Hearl design tip

When it comes to interior design, geometric patterns are all the rage! They are popping up on television shows to the pages of popular magazines. When done correctly this trend can give your space an incredibly modern and polished look.

There are a few components when choosing a pattern that will go perfectly with your interiors.

1. Color Scheme!
Choose one that fits within your existing color scheme. Make sure you choose a correctly sized print that won't overwhelm the size of the room, and , of course, always make sure you choose a design that you love!

2.  A Little Goes a Long Way!
t should go without saying that patterns should be more of an accent role. Imagine how overwhelming it would be if a room was full of pattern, there would be no place for your eyes to rest. Instead, focus on choosing one or two design elements that could benefit from a few pops of pattern and make those the focus of the space.

3. Application
The good news is as far as geometric designs are concerned, you can pretty much fit them into whichever features of the room your heart desires. The common applications are wall decor and accent elements. Think patterned throw pillows or blankets for your couch. Or a patterned shade to adorn your table lamps. If you love wall art, consider choosing pieces that feature a geometric look!