Fun Facts June 23, 2015

Crazy stats about Bill Gates’ Medina Mansion

Fun Facts!

Crazy stats about Bill Gates' Medina Mansion

– The mansion took 7 years to build and cost $63M.
– The swimming pool runs 60' long and includes an underwater music system.
– The home includes a 2500 sq ft gym.
– When a guest arrives they are given a pin that interacts with sensors in each room in the house. Depending on their preferences, the temperature, music and lighting will change in the house wherever they are. 
– Located somewhere in the home is Leonardo da Vinci's 16th century notebook, the Codex Leicester, which Gates purchased for $30.8m.
– The 2300 sq ft reception hall can seat 150 people for dinner or 200 for a cocktail party.
– The house contains 24 bathrooms.
– The house comes with a 23 car garage.