Sellers June 20, 2015

5 Upgrades that “FATTEN” Your Sales Price!

To get the best "bang for your buck" put your money into these upgrades
before putting your house on the market!

1. Start with the visual. An old roof that needs replacing or a home in need of exterior paint is visible when one walks up to the front door. First impressions give
the buyer an idea of the condition of the rest of the house and how a home owner took care of their major investment. 

2. Update the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is also what
sells the home to many buyers. Reface those old cabinets, invest in new counter
tops and spring for that shiny new hands free faucet!

3. Refresh the bathroom. The bathroom should be an oasis. A minor bathroom remodel does not cost as much as a kitchen remodel but it also does not return
as much on investment. The recoup is about 70%.

4. Dig into the Landscape. When it comes to your investment landscape can
be one of the biggest bangs for your buck. If you are in need of a major over haul including sprinkler system and up lighting I tell folks to budget about 10% of your homes value! With landscaping I am including a new front door and new garage doors. All contributing to curb appeal! 

5. Hire a home stager. No matter how carefully you invest in home
improvements you may need some help in showing it off. We all fall victim of
holding onto furniture and/or furnishings that have sentimental value whether
they are in style, go with anything or fit perfectly in their given space. A home
stager accentuates your home with furnishings that help buyers see how to furnish
a space and their sense of spatial design helps to de-clutter ones mind when walking through a home and create that soothing experience.