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The Resale Value of the “Man Cave!”

Man caves are becoming more and more on my male buyers wish list! Couples that are wage earners are feeling a need for not only family time, but also their own personal time and space. For that reason, having a dedicated place for the buyer to pursue personal interestes like video games or sports may improve your home's resale value. It does not have to be in the basement. It can be a finished attic, the back of a very deep garage or even a separate building in the backyard! The true value is in having the space to have a "man cave".  You will not get your money out of it the way you would from a kitchen or bathroom renovation because the design of a space like this tends to be specific to an individual's interests. If you are concerned about resale value you should be careful not to personalize the space too much. You may not want to put in a rug design with a purple "W" to demonstrate your support for the Huskies. 

Still, there are alot of man cave features that are almost universally appreciated. The room definitely has to have some form of soundproofing, a large TV screen, comfortable furniture and some form of bar. It can also be a room that stores all of the husbands paraphernalia that the wife does not want to see, such as college team items etc. Having the space for an optional man cave can improve your value…….

and remember; there can be woman caves, too!
Anita Italiane Hearl 
Managing Broker



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National Pizza Ranks

Seattle #5 in Top 10

Contrary to what every New Yorker will tell you, the nation's best pizza isn't found in the Big Apple.
The best pizza in the country is found in San Diego. At least according to the reviews and opinions of TripAdvisor members. The travel site announced the top 10 cities for pizza in the U.S. determined by the highest average rating by city for all restaurants that serve pizza. San Diego which is known for its sunny weather, endless beaches and excellent Mexican food came out on top. 
Coming in at number 2: Las Vegas, noted for the pizza served at Grimaldi's, which everyone knows is actually a Brooklyn institute. A
At number 3: Boston, a place you might associate more with lobster rolls and clam chowder than pizza.
FInally, number 4: New York City. The web site notes Lombardi's, Di Fara's, and Patsy's as stand-out establishments.